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Ideal for on the go: A car holder for iPad

An iPad car holder is very practical to use in your vehicle. You fix the holder in the car and you can easily use and operate the iPad. Nice for all passengers, especially if you have a long journey and want to use the Apple iPad easily.

What are the advantages of an iPad car holder?

The great advantage of an iPad holder is that children can use the iPad conveniently during a long trip. As you probably know, during a long car journey, children get bored quickly. With a car mount that you can attach your Apple iPad to, they can watch a movie or play on the Apple tablet. Of course, you can also use it as an adult for information or entertainment.

What types of iPad car mounts are there?

There are many types of iPad car mounts that can be attached in different ways. You can choose a bracket that attaches to the headrest, but you also have brackets that you can place in your car’s cup holder. So very practical and functional. In addition, you have several universal car holders adapted to several iPad models and which you can easily position in your vehicle. The range also consists of car holders which can be rotated.

How to attach a car holder?

There are different ways to do this, depending on where in the car you can attach the iPad holder. Car mounts are easy to attach. In addition to slots such as headrest and cup holder, there are also brackets that can be clipped directly onto a wall bracket, flex arm or dashboard bracket in one motion by means of a mounting ring.

Traveling by car while having fun

iPad car mounts can make traveling in the car much more enjoyable. Kids will have more fun on a long drive or if you have to work, the iPad is much easier to use with a stand. The coquedirect.fr range offers a wide choice of car supports.

On the road safely with an iPad holder in the car

With a car holder designed for iPad, you can now go safely on the road and that’s very important. Because nowadays we are constantly using our connected devices, it can lead to very dangerous and sometimes even deadly situations in the car. Because an iPad, iPhone, or other electronic device can greatly distract your attention from traffic, it’s best not to use it while driving. With an iPad car holder, you can still use navigation or answer an incoming call, but you don’t have to hold the iPad in your hand. This allows you to constantly concentrate on the road. On the other hand, it can effectively entertain other passengers.

Car mounts with a magnet

Fix your iPad quickly and easily with a magnet on a wall or on the dashboard of a car. The Mobigear magnetic holder comes with a magnetic disc, which you simply stick to the desired location. Two metal plates are provided which can be stuck on the iPad. These can also be stuck on the protective cover or behind the protective cover. Thanks to the metal plates, your iPad will stay firmly on the magnetic disc during a car journey. This magnetic mount is universal and can therefore be used for several different devices.

Secure your iPad holder with a suction cup

The iPad holders are also very easy to attach to the car windshield with a suction cup. The advantage is that you can decide for yourself which place on the windscreen suits you. This way you always have good visibility on your iPad. An additional note here, however, is that there’s also a chance the iPad stand will be placed in the line of sight. Therefore, be careful when pausing your car mount. After all, an iPad car holder must be able to optimally participate in traffic. By slightly moistening the suction cup before attaching it, the iPad holder will stay in place.

Why not attach it to the cup holder?

A lesser known attachment for an iPad car holder is the attachment in a cup holder. The big advantage of this is that you don’t constantly see the iPad in front of you. This is the case, for example, of many phone holders and navigation systems that are mounted on the windshield or the dashboard. And some may find that boring. Take for example the Macally MCUPTAB car holder. The circumference of this cup holder iPad car holder is 25 centimeters long, tilts and rotates 360 degrees. This car holder is optimally adjustable to the perfect position for the driver, co-driver and passengers in the backseat. In short, the ideal option if you don’t want to be distracted while driving,

Watch a movie in the car with an Apple iPad holder

Apart from the fact that an iPad car holder mainly has the function of diverting attention away from the iPad as much as possible, there are also headrest holders that allow you to watch movies in the car. These iPad headrest holders for the car are of course expressly intended for the rear seat passengers. Especially for children. As the name suggests,

Universal Bracket Versions

Most of the iPad car holders we offer in our online store are universal. This means the car mounts can be used for different iPads. Some mounts are even suitable for iPads as well as iPhones and other smartphones. However, other iPad car mounts say they fit up to a certain size. That’s why it’s always good to check before buying what size your iPad is and for what sizes the iPad car holder you want to order is suitable. This way you avoid your iPad not fitting into the car holder.

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