7 things to know before buying an e-bike

buying an e-bike

It is already well known that carbon axles are the ultimate upgrades if you are looking for cutting edge technology. Road bikes are all about speed and that’s impossible to do if you’re not well equipped. The most crucial aspect of choosing the right wheelset for the job is knowing what to buy.

The perfect wheelset is a smart combination of a number of factors. The wheels come with a wheel hub with bearings and axle. These support the spokes that extend to the rims. The pattern and number of spokes will affect the strength of the wheelset.

Wheelset technology is advancing rapidly as manufacturers seek to go further much faster. It also opened the door to some pretty cool gadgetry when it comes to bike wheels. This is what makes carbon fiber bikes different from traditional bikes. Factors to consider when buying wheelsets.

The wheel size you need to consider

axles will come in different sizes. These are both functional and optional. The wheel size will include the diameter, width and depth of the wheel. Narrow rims are best for speed and can be pumped at high pressure, which works well for triathlon racers as well as other high performance racers.

Commuters and tourists will need wider rims which are perfect for a wide range of roads. Deeper rims are great for high performance but won’t perform well in some weather conditions,

50mm axles are more versatile and work well for getting around town, riding while touring as well as going up and down. 86mm is best suited for triathletes and any rider looking for a speed advantage.

38mm wheelset with Sapim CX-Ray Icancycling spokes

Rays and Ray Patterns

The best spokes are those that provide extra strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. Finding the balance between speed and wheelset weight is all that matters in cutting-edge technology.

Carbon wheels cone with 3x, 2x and 0x patterns depending on the weight reduction needed.

Steel spokes increase the weight of the bike and a large number must be used at very short intervals to hold the rim in position. The Sapim spokes work hand in hand with the carbon fiber rims to provide additional properties that are lighter than expected. The body is made of carbon fiber and is as light as titanium.

Rays and Ray Patterns

The aerodynamic design beats traditional spokes providing a cutting edge advantage. The spokes are valuable for the 38mm wheels and the 50mm wheelset. ICAN wheelsets are built well for the high-performance rides and leisure rides you love. The spokes are also improved to reduce wind and noise.

Sudden bursts of gears, hub and rim weight will cause the wheelset to break and become weak. The Sapim CX-Ray spokes are well distributed using the 2x and 0X cross patterns. The pattern ensures that as few spokes as possible are used without compromising the integrity of the wheelset.

More information on the ray model.

The spokes do not cross at any time and go straight to the hub.

The most important factors you need to consider:Bike Hub

The hub is the wheel’s power room. It houses two sets of bearings and an axle. The axle is also attached to quick release pins which allow the wheel to easily attach and detach from the hub.

The best quality bearings are well sealed and protected from rain. The traditional option involved cup bearings which were much easier to replace but difficult to align. Current axles use cartridge bearings .

These all work on a single cartridge and make removal and replacement easy. The bearings on the wheelset are also weatherproof, which keeps them well-greased for a long time.

The Novatec straight pull hub is a work of art with a strong, fast and versatile carbon rear shell and aluminum body. The front hub has sealed bearings while the rear comes with 4 sealed.

Traditional hubs come with cone bearings which are not as easy to install and will not provide such fast gears for the rider. The Straight Pull Hub Novatec Hub I also supported a reliable brake hub for ultimate control.


carbon rim

The rims are of two types, namely aero and traditional. Traditional rims are box type and once with a high spoke count to keep the rim stiff at all times. One or two broken spokes will compromise the integrity of the entire rim. Aero rims are more edgy and perfect for high performance wheelsets.

These are built for speed and will require fewer spokes due to their ability to hold more weight.

Other factors you need to consider are the type of tire

Clinchers Vs Tubeless ready

Clinchers Vs Tubeless ready

The type of wheels to choose when it comes to tires will depend heavily on preference. Pneumatic tires are the most common tires. These will have a separate inner tube and tire but not directly glued to the rim.

The latter is also cheaper to install upfront. Tubular tires will have a completely sealed chamber that simply sits on the rim with the tube and tire sewn together. The biggest difference between all of these is the type of inner tube created independently of the tube. Clinchers and tubeless ready will depend on the rim to complete the inner tube.

The price of bicycle wheels to consider

Price is also an important consideration when purchasing a wheelset. Currently, there are different prices for bicycle wheels in the market, sometimes you can buy quality wheels from big brand at a more affordable price,

These are the many factors that you need to consider when buying the bike wheels. Based on our own riding experience, sometimes we don’t need to think much, we just need to know which wheel brand is best for me. Therefore, this article is more suitable for beginner riders. The body is made of carbon fiber and is as light as titanium.

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