When is the best time to buy it?

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Like everyone else, you want to buy your new vehicle at the best price. So why spend more on the same model when you can save money by buying your car at certain key times of the year. Check out our bargain calendar!

Car: When is the best time to buy it?

Car, buying cheaper is possible

Cheaper vehicles at certain times of the year, myth or reality? We tell you bluntly, it’s absolutely true! You are more likely to have a higher trading margin during the summer months or even at the end of the year. Also remember to watch for the end of series, often sold off by dealers. As always, the key word for good business is patience!

The best way to save money to buy your vehicle at the best price is to go to the dealership at the end of the year, that is to say from mid-November. This is indeed the time when salespeople seek to increase sales to reach their annual objectives (and thus see themselves paying the bonuses that go with it). A period during which brands compete in promotions to refine their turnover for the year.

Your negotiation margin will also be optimized if you buy your vehicle at the end of the month or half-year (from mid-May to the beginning of June), or even during the last moments of the “Open House” operations. These are all times when dealers are called upon to report their sales figures: they will therefore be delighted to be able to conclude a few additional last-minute transactions!

In summer, when the concessions are deserted

Another well-known (and effective) technique is to go to a dealership during the slower periods of the year. Indeed, it is logically when customers are scarce that salespeople are the most tempted to harpoon them by giving them the benefit of strong discounts on the prices of vehicles or equipment.

The analysis of monthly sales of private vehicles in 2016 is clear. While approximately 180,000 vehicles are sold on average each month in France, the French deserted the concessions during the months of July (132,990 registrations) and especially August (98,211 registrations). On the other hand, they tend to change vehicles in the spring (more than 210,000 registrations during the months of March and June 2016).

End of life vehicles, offers and special series

To get good deals, keep up to date with automotive news. You will know which models will soon be replaced or which finishes will no longer be marketed. Brands like dealers will then be particularly open to negotiation to sell these end of series which may prove difficult to sell later. If buying a state-of-the-art model is not a priority for you, targeting these vehicles is a very good card to play!

Also stay tuned for special series. Some of them, over-equipped, will allow you to benefit from a customer advantage that can reach several thousand euros compared to the “classic” model. Finally, on the occasion of events attracting the attention of the general public to the automobile (such as the Paris Motor Show), many manufacturers unveil special offers: be careful, however, they are limited in time! So don’t hesitate to sign up for newsletters and follow the social networks of your favorite builders to be aware of all these great deals.

Negotiating at the right time can therefore allow you to obtain discounts ranging from 5 to 15% of the initial manufacturer’s price; so put the odds on your side! Especially since you can take advantage of car financing offers from our partner Sofinco to buy your vehicle with complete peace of mind… and at the most favorable time!

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