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The maintenance

The different elements to check before buying

Your vehicle is reaching the end of its life and you need to quickly find a replacement vehicle? However, you cannot afford to buy any car without checking that it will not break down after a few kilometres.

To make the right choice, nothing beats a list of all the points to check, as follows:

The maintenance log

The maintenance book 📓 is a bit like your health book. Thanks to it, you will be able to check the various interventions that have been carried out on the vehicle, in particular everything relating to overhauls, oil changes or even elements to be replaced such as filters.

The bills

In addition to the maintenance book, demand the invoices 📑 corresponding to work that has been done on the car. You will then be able to know what repairs have already been carried out, and when they took place.

The user manual

The owner’s manual will be very useful for you to know how to use the vehicle correctly, in particular the controls on the dashboard.

The interior

Various elements are to be observed in the passenger compartment:


Seats should be inspected for stains, tears, and other mold bites. If covers protect the seats, do not hesitate to ask that they be removed.

Lift the floor mats, to check that no problem is hidden underneath and that moisture does not seep into the vehicle.

Carefully inspect the dashboard and test the different functions: indicators, lights, wipers…

Also try controls such as heating and air conditioning, whatever the season. If the vehicle has an integrated GPS or a car radio, also check that they are working properly, as well as that of the electric windows.

Check the presence of a spare wheel and check its condition, in the same way as you check the four wheels in place on the vehicle.

You must first check the status:


Door and trunk seals.

Bodywork. The chips of paint , bumps and traces of rust are to be noted.


Although the engine inspection is not the easiest to perform, it remains a crucial element that must be carefully controlled.

First of all, make sure there are no oil or coolant leaks, for example. In particular, check the condition of the hoses, which must not show cracks or cracks, otherwise there will be a leak.

Look at the battery and its terminals and terminals.

Finally, check that the cooling circuit is working perfectly, and that the radiator is running correctly to cool the engine.

Test drive the vehicle

Whether in a garage or from an individual, you must try a used vehicle before buying it. You will be able to hear the engine and check that the vehicle behaves well when you drive it. This will also be an opportunity to see the proper functioning of the clutch or the gearbox.

If the vehicle owner won’t let you test drive the vehicle, at least ask them to drive it with you as a passenger. The best thing, however, is to have the possibility of driving yourself.

Buy without fear thanks to the help of a professional

If you don’t have a seasoned eye , if you don’t know how to spot a problem on an engine by listening to it work, it will be difficult for you to spot a good plan from a very bad deal! In this case, the best solution is to seek assistance from a GoodMecano partner garage or home mechanic! He can then help you by checking the points mentioned above for you.

Thus, you will be sure to make the right decision, in no time! The mechanical expert will be able to identify any hidden defects and tell you whether, after inspection, you have the green light or not!

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